Xploration Nature Knows Best


In this fascinating new STEM series, host Danni Washington looks at the fun and clever ways scientists, engineers and innovators are copying plants, animals and more to create some of the world's most amazing advancements! Xploration Nature Knows Best is part of the Xploration Station three-hour syndicated block airing on Fox stations throughout the country. (21 x 22)



1. Nature That's 'Plane' to See

2. Bio-Based Building

3. The Science of Safety

4. Under the Sea Inspiration

5. How to Save Power

6. Nature's Sticky Inventions


7. The Wonders of the Whirlybird

8. Mastering the Mimicry

9. Swimming with Sharks

10. Studying the Swarms

11. Muscle of Mimicry

12. Designing Drones

13. Automated Animals



1. Nature and Physical Activity

2. Whale Watching

3. Food Goes Green

4. Bio Hybrid

5. Sea Life Inspires Future Tech

6. Mother Nature Gets Fashionable

7. Robots and Drones

8. Budding Ideas