Xploration DIY SCI


Host Steve Spangler, Ellen Show regular, shows viewers how to conduct amazing science experiments in their own homes! Steve explores a different science concept each episode, using everyday items for his fun experiments - proving that anyone can be a scientist. Xploration DIY Sci is part of the Xploration Station three-hour syndicated block airing on Fox stations throughout the country. (21 x 19-22)

season 1

7. Kitchen Chemistry

8. Gas

9. Weather

10. Sound

11. Magnets

12. Science Magic

13. Eggs


1. Pressure

2. Inertia

3. Soda

4. Fluids

5. The Power of Air

6. Building Your Own Rocket


season 2:


1. Museum Science

2. Crazy Science Tricks

3. Food Science

4. More Science Magic


5. DIY Toys

6. Electricity

7. Color Science

8. Hardware