Xploration Animal Science


How can a Cheetah run 60 miles/hour? Why does a Blue Whale consume 1.5 billion calories (7,000 pounds of food) per day? These are the types of questions explored on Xploration Animal Science, an entertaining and unique half hour animal series nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award. It doesn't just display animal behavior, it tells you WHY AND HOW animals behave as they do. (22 x 19)

season 1


1. The Animals of South America

2. Creatures of North America

3. Europe's Coolest Creatures

4. Asia's Coolest Creatures

5. Animals of the Land and Sea

6. Extreme Animals


7. How Animals Survive

8. The Siberian Tiger

9. Animals That Amaze

10. Surprisingly Dangerous

11. Poisonous Pufferfish

12. Animals with Super Senses

13. Keystone Species



1. All About Primates

2. Sharks, Skunks, Sloths

3. The Bald Eagle, Jellyfish, Camels, and more!

4. Journey To Africa


5. In Flight

6. Predator and Prey

7. Fabulous Felines

8. Australian Animals

9. Animals on the Farm