Wild About Animals


Hosted by Emmy Award winning actress, Mariette Hartley, this E/I show travels the globe to bring viewers fascinating stories: Watch the march of the penguins in the Arctic, a spectacular safari to Africa, or an amazing visit to the Australian Outback. (41 x 21-29)

season 9


1. Yukon Quest Sled Dogs and Fishing in the Everglades

2. St.Johns River and Lackland Air force Base

3. Climate Change and the Future of Wildlife

4. The Piano Playing Cat and a Trip to South Carolina

5. Powerful Predators



6. The Alligator Trapper and the Pet Skunks

7. Winter the Dolphin and a Visit to Costa Rica

8. Underwater Photography and Unusual Pets

9. Horse Racing and the Oregon Owls

10. The Panther Capture and the Costa Rica Crocodile

season 10



1. A Trip to New Zealand

2. A Trip to Alaska

3. Semper Fido and Punxsutawney Phil

4. Topkea Zoo and Santa Barbara Zoo

5. A Trip to Australia

6. Wild Spanish Corollas and Pennsylvania Canines

7. The Vancouver Aquarium, Grizzly Bears, and Local Timberwolves

7. The Vancouver Aquarium, Grizzly Bears, and Local Timberwolves

8. A Trip to Hawaii

9. The California Condor, Bison, and Greyhounds

10. Australia's Kangaroo, Butterfly, and Other Local Wildlife

11. A Visit to the Oregon Zoo

12. Up Close With Humpback Whales

13. Cayman Island Scuba Diving, the Grey Wolf Hybrid, Communication With Animals

season 11


1. The Galapagos Islands

2. Yellowstone National Park

3. South Africa Predators, and the Sea of Cortez

4. Exotic Birds, Cheetahs, and Bayous of Louisiana

5. Baby Animals, Alaska, and Badlands National Park

6. The Giant Sea Turtle and The Squirrel Monkey

7. Saving Endangered Species



8. Swamps of Florida

9. Birds of Prey

10. A Trip to Georgia

11. Yosemite National Park

12. Trips to Long Island and Texas

13. Dogs, Prairie Dogs, and Birds

other episodes:


1. World's Most Ferocious Animals

2. Big Cats

3. Animal Babies

4. Animal Bloopers & Funny Moments

5. Baby Animals

6. Exotic Animals

7. Canine Cops