Unsealed Conspiracy Files


Investigate the previously top-secret files made public by the Freedom of Information Act. Based on the new information discovered, the show re-examines faulty assumptions, searches for inconsistencies, and explores new leads, questioning popular beliefs and arming viewers with information to make their own decisions. Unsealed: Conspiracy Files: welcome to the world of Conspiracy. (20 x 19m)


1. Doomsday

2. Bio-Hazard Island

3. Mind Control

4. New World Order

5. Zombies

6. H.A.A.R.P.

7. Human Cloning

8. Bigfoot

9. The Anti-Christ

10. Rise of the Machines

11. Stargates

12. Remote Viewing

13. Fake World Leaders

14. America's Alien Wars

15. Time Travel

16. Secret Alien Attack

17. Nazis Today

18. Secret Government Warehouses

19. Global Depopulation

20. America's Flying Saucer