The Prophecy of the Popes


Saint Malachy, an obscure Irish archbishop from the 12th century, is said to have written a text called “The Prophecy of the Popes », in which he foretold the end of the papacy, the destruction of Rome, and the Last Judgment. Is this merely one more apocalyptic vision ? Another ‘end of the world’ tale like the one people have imagined seeing in the Mayan calendar ? Perhaps not. As for almost 900 years, the Prophecy of the Popes has proven its merits. It seems to have really predicted the future.

We have talked with numerous specialists. We have investigated in Rome. At the Vatican, the centre of church affairs, and the centre of great secrecy, in order to test the Prophecy of the Popes against fact and proven events. And this is not all. A good many other elements seem to confirm Saint Malachy’s predictions. In Rome, certain clues suggest that the end of the popes is nigh… as if the Vatican were willingly enabling the prophecy to come true… so what if it were true? (1h 30m)