The Lighter Side of Sports


The Lighter Side of Sports is a hilarious look at the funniest moments from the entire world of sports, hosted by ESPN personality Mike Golic. (26 x 20)



1. Tribute to the NBA

2. A Basketball Record and Plays That Make You Say Wow!

3. Orlando Part 3

4. Best Pranks on Professional Athletes

5. The Record Breaking Super Fan

6. The Karate Master and Clips That Make You Cringe

7. The Philadelphia Wing Bowl

8. Phil Hochberg and Fred Newman

9. The 81 Year Old Skydiving Daredevil

10. Guinness World Records and a Million Dollar Pitch

11. Rodeo Bull Poker Game and Sky Surfers

12. Dancing Fans and Angry Athletes

13. 1950's Harlem Globetrotters and Golics Golden Goofs



1. The 60 Year Old NCAA Football Player

2. One Pitch, One Million Dollars

3. The Insane Super Bowl Fan

4. Downhill Intertube Racing; Margarita Bowl

5. Unlikely Sports Heroes; Philadelphia Phillies Prank

6. An Alligator Prank; Tiger Woods and a Fan Make a Bet

7. Bowling Alley Pranks; Crazy Sports Brawls

8. A Prank On NFL Greats; Race Horse Goes for a Swim

9. Crazy Animal Athletes; A Pie Eating Contest for Super Bowl Tickets

10. Entertaining Halftime Shows; Top Two Wheel Bloopers

11. Motocross Fails; Microphone Pranks

12. The Hockey Playing Monkey; Acrobatic Tee Shots

13. Top College Football Hits of the Week; Tribute to Babe Ruth