The Exciting World of Speed & Beauty


This best of show is dedicated to the collection of shows from the entire series that are favorites of the producers and fans. (26 x 20)

Classic & Mean American Muscle Cars


1. Pontiac GTO & Buick Power!

2. Chevrolet Corvette: America's Sports Car

3. Cruising And Chrome: Hot August Nights!

4. Baddest And Fastest Muscle Cars Ever!

5. Dodge Viper Venom Burns!

6. Fabled Kurtis Legends And The First Fast Trucks!

7. Sixties Storm Of Force, Torque And Beauty

Bad Ass Hot Rods and Custom Cars


1. Coddington, Godzilla & Chezoom

2. The Super Bowl Of Custom Cars

3. Glory Days: History Of The Hot Rod

4. Bad Ass Buick!

5. Fastest Street Legal 55 Chevy In America!

Vintage & Antique Cars


1. Time Capsules

2. Ford GT 40 & Vintage Car Races


3. Thunder Road

4. Great Cars Never Die, The Ford Thunderbird

Wildest and Fastest Speed Racers


1. Old Race Cars, Racers And Door Slammers

2. Speed Records, High Performance & The Motor City

3. 240 Mph In Just 1320 Feet

4. Speed Demons And Thrill Seekers

5. Dreams of Speed

6. An Artful Breed Of Speed

7. Big Legends, Big Trucks, Big Bikes

8. Indy Legends And NASCAR Trucks

9. Judgement Day Of Drag Racing


1. The Best of The Exciting World of Speed & Beauty