The Coolest Places on Earth


From jaw-dopping works of nature to the most amazing creations of humankind. We discover each location's history and culture and learn why it deserves to be called one of the coolest places on Earth. Each week we visit three unique locations around the world. (10 x 20)


1. Best Beach Getaways

2. America's National Parks

3. Coolest European Cities

4. 10 of the Coolest Places on Earth

5. Aloha Hawaii

6. Coolest American Cities

7. The World's Coolest Landmarks

8. The Wilds of Western Canada

9. Coolest Scotland Vacation

10. The World's Coolest Ruins from Mexico to Cambodia

11. Coolest Road Trips Alaska and Canada

12. Coolest Road Trips on Earth

13. Coolest Mountain Escapes

14. Classic Mediterranean Cruise

15. Coolest Ireland Vacation

16. England and Wales

17. Coolest Animal Lover Vacations