Sports Gone Wild



Sports Gone Wild is a series featuring bloopers, crazy moments, and incredible plays from the world of sports. (26 x 21m)

season 1


1. Trick Basketball Shots and Drunk Skydivin

2. Horse Racing, Golf Carting, Motocross

3. Monster Trucks, Snowmobiling Fails, Extreme Football

4. Power Boat Racing, Dive-boarding Fails, Deep Sea Fishing

5. A Dynamite 7th Inning Stretch, Skateboard Fails, Harsh Landings

6. Octopus vs Snorkeler, Cycle Racer Dominoes, Sky Diving

7. Streaking Soccer Fan, Freestyle Bike Stunts, Hilarious Horse Racing Names


8. Hockey Fighting Goalies, Bench Clearing Brawls, Jockey-less Horse

9. College Basketball Brawls, Exploding Car Ramp, Naked Luging

10. Hardcore Wiffle-ball, Driver vs Car, Skateboarder vs Railing

11. Skydiving With Snowboards, Souvenir Fan Grabs, Olympic Bike Wipeout

12. Fisherman Catches 200 Pound Marlin, Fun With Trampolines, Motocross Accidents

13. Scuba Diver vs Blue Whale, Mascot Brawl, ATV Collisions

season 2


1. POV Ice Rally Road Racing; Fish Hooks Man

2. Boat Racing Gone Wild; Off Roading Disasters

3. An 84 Year Old Bungee Jumper; Motorcycles On Ice

4. The Paragliding Dog: Swat Team vs Soccer Team

5. Drunk Skeet Shooting: High Jump Fails

6. Body Bowling: Winter Ski Splash Contest

7. Home Fitness Fails; Figure 8 Car Race


8. ATV and BMX Fails; Side Car World Racing Championship

9. Reporter vs Race Horse; Skateboard Fails

10. Cowboy Pinball; Motorized Paraglider Fail

11. Crazy Ping Pong Player; Wii Remote Fail

12. Martial Arts Fails; Semi Pro Wrestling Gone Wild

13. Wild Bull vs Rodeo Fan; Super Car Racing in Extreme Weather