Join a super curious, sea-loving little boy, Ripples, and his charming band of undersea friends Icarus the pelican, Jason the hermit crab, and Polly the octopus, on one ocean adventure after another in this delightful new series for kids. Brilliantly animated, "Ripples" is educational, as well as fun, and designed with care to be engaging, positive and instructive for children of all ages. (24 x 9)


1. The Magic Amphora

2. Missing Pearls

3. Firefly Lamp

4. Kiko The Dolphin

5. Charlotte The Oyster

6. The "Urchinday"

7. The Chick

8. The King of the Seagulls

9. A Sea of...Garbage

10. The Rainbow

11. Doctor Jason

12. Polly The Babysitter


13. The Little Bird From the Sea

14. Autumn Is Near

15. The Bungling Sardine

16. The Penguin

17. The Two Turtles

18. Happy Birthday

19. Wild Oscar

20. Journey Into the Depths

21. A Dolphin Called...Jason

22. United We Stand Divided We Fall

23. Night Flight

24. The Great Jack