Ride On The Wild Side


(6 x 55m)


1. Harley-Davidson

Wherever you happen to be in the World, when it comes to motorcycles, there's one name that everyone's heard of. And while we are on the subjects of hearing, you wouldn't even need to see one of these machines to know that the sound was a Harley. The popularity of Harley Davidson is universal, however, it all started from the most humblest of beginnings.

2. Honda

True to Hondas slogan, "the power of dreams", the Japanese auto-manufacturing empire has been built upon the inspiration and passion of founder Soichiro Honda. His dreams became reality in 1946 when he began to create innovative products within the Honda research institute, developing small, 2 cycle motorbike engines. Two years later, Honda Motor Company was born.

3. Kawasaki

When it comes to 21st century motorcycles, the image of a sleek vibrantly colored machine is generally thought to be considered the hallmark of Kawasaki. Guaranteed to turn heads and give riders state of the art engineering and high speed performance, these bikes add spice to even life's most mundane journeys. Kawasaki always lives up to its let the good times role motto.

4. Suzuki

In post war years, along such classics as Triumph and Harley Davidson, Japanese manufacturers rapidly made their mark on the World market. Of all the great Japanese motorcycles, Suzuki has been synonymous with style and power and can always be guaranteed to turn heads. It all started way back in the 1900s with founder Michio Suzuki.

5. Triumph

With modern fuel alternatives now becoming one of the major market leaders in the auto industry, new companies are popping up all over the World. From cheaper alternative transport from Korea and Japan, to hybrids and full electrics in the US, companies producing such vehicles are larger than ever. While many may be new and exciting, very few sport a heritage even close to the Triumph brand.

6. Yamaha

Ever since the first engines were attached to pedal powered bicycles in the late 19th century, it became clear that it would always be far more than merely a form of transport Motorcycling is a way of life! In this program, we will focus on one specific manufacturer, celebrating the phenomenon that is and always will be Yamaha!