Queen Victoria's Letters: A Monarch Unveiled


This is a revolutionary new look at one of history’s giants, the “Grandmother of Europe” – Queen Victoria. Through exclusive access to her personal diaries and letters, this fascinating documentary uncovers the woman behind the infamous icon.

Never before or since has a monarch so openly expressed themselves through the written word. For the first time, we hear Queen Victoria in her own words, as she opens a window on everything from the political turbulence of the age to her most intimate feelings. Renowned host A N Wilson, author of the definitive biography “Victoria: A Life”, takes us through exclusive archives to construct an astonishing and touching portrait. From a fatherless girl longing for emotional and physical closeness to a passionate wife tormented by consecutive child-births, and then a widow revelling in new-found freedom, Queen Victoria’s private writings guide us through every stage of the monarch’s extraordinary life. (2h)