Solve your cat's "crazy" behavior! We see misbehaving cats with a myriad of bad habits. These ferocious felines' biting, scratching, and peeing is driving their owners insane! Watch Pam Johnson -Bennett best-selling author of 10 books on cat behavior and most sought-after cat behavioral expert in the world advise the owners on how to fix their felines' fixations! (13 x 22)


1. Oh Mia Oh My

2. The Floating Feline

3. The Purrrfect Couple

4. The Arch Angel

5. The Letter J

6. The Toothy Tabby

7. Feline Family Feud

8. Doublestuffed in Danger

9. Cotton Craving Cat

10. Terrified and Territorial

11. Stache vs. The World

12. Grumpy Old Cat

13. Double Trouble