Power is a brilliant new series about engineering, telling fascinating stories about innovation, exploration and confrontation. Covering sea, rail, land and air, it reveals how major technological developments have influenced everything from society and travel to trade and warfare, changing the course of history and defining the direction of our technological future. Using themes such as speed, size and excess, each episode delves into breakthroughs regarding materials and construction; the surpassing of barriers; the setting of records and the making of power. We pluck the most impressive advances in technology from the past and look forward to the technology of today and how it will continue to evolve. Key stages of technological developments are brought to life with archive footage, cutting-edge graphics and animation. Contemporary footage illustrates the mighty power deployed by today’s engineering and interviews with historians, as well as technology and engineering experts, contextualise the significance of the advancements in power across the decades. Power is the perfect series for anyone interested in planes, boats, trains and trucks – in all their biggest, best and fastest incarnations. (8 x 49m)


1. Pushing the Limits

2. Faster, Further, Bigger, Better

3. The Need For Speed

4. Go Anywhere

5. Ruling the Waves

6. New Horizons

7. Steel on Steel

8. The Fast Track