Now Eat This! Rocco DiSpirito


Celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito challenges families to make over their diets and adopt a healthier lifestyle. The secret? Eat what you love, but say goodbye to processed ingredients, bad fats, and empty calories. And most importantly, learn to cook - Rocco style! Each episode, Rocco has all the right recipes, ingredients, and cooking skills to maximize the flavor of their favorite meals. (20 x 20)


1. Paskewitz Family

2. Kiernan Family

3. Kenley and Julia

4. Pat and Lia

5. Koni and John

6. Jon and Priscilla

7. Lazzaruolo Family

8. Hoboken Firemen

9. Bodre Family

10. Ed and Samantha


11. Boutzalis Family

12. Cavallaro Family

13. Persico Family

14. Raspanti Family

15. Albury Family

16. Aufiero Family

17. Jeffa-Duran Family

18. Reilly Family

19. Ferri Family

20. The Best of Now Eat This!