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Naval Warfare in World War II


Includes: The Battle of the Atlantic, Pearl Harbour, Anti-Submarine Warfare, Japanese Victories and the Battle of Midway, War in the Mediterranean, Guadalcanal, The Struggle for the Solomon Islands, Mediterranean Command, The Invasion of North Africa, War in the South Atlantic, War from Murmansk to Alaska, Carrier Warfare, and The New Guinea Campaign. (26 x 26m).

season 1


1. The Battle of the Atlantic 1939-1941

2. Pearl Harbour

3. Anti-Submarine Warfare 1941-1943

4. Japanese Victories and the Battle of Midway

5. War in the Mediterranean

6. Guadalcanal

7. The Struggle for the Solomon Islands

8. Mediterranean Command 1940-1942

9. The Invasion of North Africa

10. War in the South Atlantic

11. War From Murmansk to Alaska

12. Carrier Warfare

13. The New Guinea Campaign

season 2


1. Sicily and the Italian Campaign

2. D-Day

3. Victory in the Atlantic 1943-1945

4. The Battle for the Marianas

5. The Battles for Peleliu and Anguar

6. Leyte Gulf

7. The Liberation of the Philippines

8. US Submarines

9. The Fate of Europe

10. The Battle for Iwo Jima

11. The Road to Mandalay

12. Kamikaze

13. The Surrender of Japan and the Aftermath of War