Jean Moulin, Klaus Barbie: The Justice of History


Since June 21, 1943, the day of the arrest of Jean Moulin in Caluire, the name of the head of internal resistance remained linked to that of his executioner, the chief of Gestapo, Klaus Barbie. As a strange strangeness their destinies have been astonishingly parallel since that time in the light and oblivion of history. Through major events: the invasion of the free zone on November 11, 1942, the arrest of Caluire in June 1943, the cold war, the entry into the Pantheon of Jean Moulin's ashes in 1964 and Klaus Barbie's trial in Lyon in 1987, this documentary fiction highlights these trajectories that have constantly crossed. What if Klaus Barbie had contributed to Jean Moulin's posterity? The author was surrounded by historians and memory policy specialists. So the film takes root in 1942… and continues until 2013. (52m)