Hunt Company


The Hunt Co crew goes turkey hunting in Texas, deer hunting in Canada, bow fishing in the Ozarks, whitetail hunting in Missouri, and search for a giant buck named "Cocaine".

The Hunt Company travels back to Clay County for the annual Turkey Fest, go on an archery pig hunt in Grapeland Texas at Buck n'Boar Outfitters, and Dustin Tilley and Michael Heffernon introduce their boys to the outdoors. (25 x 17-26m)



1. Turkey Fest

2. Heating Up

3. Summertime Blues

4. Opening Day

5. Show Me Bucks

6. South Dakota 1


7. South Dakota 2

8. Booneville

9. Backyard Bucks

10. Tradition

11. Cocaine

12. Last Draws

season 4:


1. Rise Up

2. Tom Fever

3. Chasing Spring

4. Ozark Mountain Bowfishing

5. Summer Prep

6. Team Hog Hunt

7. Florida Bowfishing Rd. 2

8. The Early Season

9. Breaking the Curse

10. Chase Ready

11. The Arkansas Squad

12. Ozark Heritage

13. Passing on Traditions