The beloved children’s television series HARD HAT HARRY offers a fun and educational way for kids to learn about how things work. Geared toward ages 3-10, the live-action series follows the titular construction-worker hero as he guides kids through the exciting world of technology. (24 x 30-60)


1. Fire Truck Adventures

2. Giant Construction Equipment

3. Farm Equipment Adventures

4. Train Adventures

5. Police Car Adventures

6. Rescue Vehicle Adventures

7. Military Vehicle Adventures

8. Airplane Adventures 

9. Ship and Boat Adventures

10. Lumberjack Adventures

11. Space Shuttle Adventures

12. Truck Adventures



13. Car Mechanic Adventures

14. Motorcycle Adventures

15. Helicopter Adventures

16. Race Car Adventures

17. Post Office Adventures

18. Monster Trucks

19. Fun on Wheels

20. Rodeo Adventures

21. Santa Claus Adventure

22. House Construction Adventures

23. Space Adventures

24. Circus Adventures