Great Greek Myths


This series sets out to recount these ancient stories using animations created especially for the occasion, and illustrations chosen from the entire history of art. This dynamic blend, a bridge between modernity and history, ancient narrative and contemporary dramatic art, is a new way to discover or re-discover this part of our universal heritage. (20 x 26m)

Season 1:


1. Zeus and the Conquest of Power

2. Zeus in Love

3. Hades - A Reluctant King

4. Orpheus - A Hymn of Impossible Love

5. Theseus - The Ravages of Oversight

6. Prometheus - The Rebel of Olympus

7. Apollo - Shadow and Light

8. Dionysus - An Outsider in the City

9. Dedalus and Icarus - A Shattered Dream

10. Athena - Armed Wisdom

11. Aphrodite - Dictated by Desire

12. Hermes - The Impenetrable Messenger

13. Psyche - Beauty and the Beast

14. Bellerophon - The Man Who Wanted to be a God

15. Perseus - The Look of Death

16. Medea - Murderous Love

17. Heracles - The Man Who Became a God

18. Oedipus - The Riddle Solver

19. Antigone - The Woman Who Said"No"

20. Tartarus - The Damned of the Earth