Flip My Food with Chef Jeff


Chef Jeff meets up with three ladies at a local beauty shop who are getting a makeover. While they get the latest hairstyles, he flips there favorite dishes in the food truck to serve up some great tasting healthy meals. (29 x 20)


1. Healthy Eats

2. Flip The Pizza

3. Taste of Texas

4. Comfort Food

5. Seafood Eat It!

6. Desserts and Pastries

7. New Orlean's Best Eats

8. Southern BBQ

9. Soul Food

Family Style with Chef Jeff


1. Seafood Medley

2. Crab Cakes and Succotash

3. Beef, Shrimp, and Veggie Barbeque

4. Super Supper

5. Farm Style Brunch

6. Super Sandwiches

7. Meatless Bolognese

8. Perfect Pork Chops

9. Healthy Fried Chicken

10. The Soup, Sandwich and Dessert Challenge


11. The Burger Show

12. Turkey Meatloaf

13. Oven Fried Chicken

14. Crawfish Gumbo

15. Duck

16. Gator Nuggets

17. Curry Chicken

18. Skirt Steak

19. Short Ribs

20. Italian Feast