The Elvis Presley Collection

(4  x 40-62m)


1. From the Beginning to the End

A warm, moving and sensitive tribute and a comprehensive and detailed biography of Elvis' life. Utilizing rare footage and photos from the 42 years of his life, the film follows the Presley story from his birth in Tupelo through his rise to superstardom to his tragic and untimely death. Featured are interviews with musicians and music historians. (1h 2m)

2. A Generous Heart

Elvis: A Generous Heart showcases his extreme generosity, as he helped family, friends and many charities throughout his life. (45m)

3. Return to Tupelo

A documentary that traces the Elvis saga from his birth during the depths of the Depression, to his move to Memphis, to his formative high school years, through his early struggles to launch a music career and wraps up with his triumphant homecoming concert in 1956, on the same stage where he'd lost a talent contest eleven years earlier. (54m)

4. Elvis Home Movies

This film features what is believed to be the oldest known home movie footage of Elvis Presley to date. Shot by Eddie Bellman in 1956, these home movies show us how Elvis lived just as his popularity and music exploded across America. His closest friends share their personal stories and remembrances. (40m)