Conspiracy: Conspiracy Secrets Revealed


Conspiracy is a fascinating, intricate six-part documentary series walking us through the shadowy boundaries that lie between fact and fiction. From alleged UFO sighting cover-ups by the UK government to the murky world of Hollywood - each chapter connects the conspiracy theory dots. Each of the one-hour episodes will select a historical fact and examine it through a conspiracy theorist’s lens. These theories seek to expose as myth much of what we accept as truth. Did Hitler really die in 1945? Did a Russian nuclear submarine attempt to launch a nuclear missile at Hawaii in 1968? And was Diana ruthlessly murdered by members of the Royal Family? These theories, as we’ll find out, are for some far closer to the truth than you would have ever imagined. (12 x 45m)


1. The Death of Hitler

2. The Nazi King

3. The Cold War Files

4. The Lord Lucan Dossier

5. The Hollywood Files

6. The Alien Files

7. Assassinations

8. Murder at the Vatican

9. Faking the Moon Landings

10. The Pearl Harbour Cover Up

11. Drugs, Pop, Punk and Death

12. The Lockerbie Plot