Classic British Steam Engines




1. Flying Scotsman

"Flying Scotsman" is known as the most famous steam locomotive in the world. There are few people that have not heard of this magnificent machine, but far fewer know the complicated story of how "Flying Scotsman" became a National Treasure. Illustrated by evocative footage of the engine working on the British railway network in various guises, this program traces the history of this famous train.

2. City of Truro

The 2000th locomotive to be built at the famous Swindon Works of the Great Western Railway was always going to be something a bit special. And it was! GWR no. 3440 was to be the immortal "CITY of TRURO", the first man-made machine anywhere to be recorded at a speed in excess of 100mph. This program is a tribute to the graceful Edwardian locomotive.

3. Duchess of Sutherland

This great train program records the story of the restoration to main line steam work of one of Sir William Stanier's magnificent "Princess Coronation" class Pacifics built for the London Midland and Scottish Railway number 6233 "Duchess of Sutherland". After many years of static exhibition the locomotive was the subject of a complete overhaul to restore her to her full glory.

4. Standard Class 4 Tanks

The subjects of this train program are some of the popular mixed traffic British Railways Standard Class 4 2-6-4 tank engines built in the mid 1950's. They were part of a 155-strong class of go-anywhere locomotives which were the final development of a type which can trace its origins back through LMS designs to its early days.

5. Princess Margaret Rose

This show records the history of Sir William Stanier's first production Pacific train locomotive for the LMS railway. After just over a quarter of a century's front line service, "Princess Margaret Rose" was bout by Sir Billy Butlin as a children's amusement in a holiday camp. This is her story - from Pwellhi to Paddington.