The Choo Choo Bob Show features the main character, Choo Choo Bob, hanging out at his clubhouse with his best friend Richard W. Kornbelt and other pals, talking about trains and having all kinds of adventures. Episodes include trips to Tinyland, visits to real working railroads across the United States, questions from kids, musical guests and mischievous puppets. (35 x 12)


1. Same But Different

2. Where's The Bathroom?

3. The Snow Must Go On

4. Choo Choo Bob's Christmas Adventure

5. Goodnight Train 

6. Balloons Over Tinyland

7. Imagination Station

8. Carving up the Rails

9. Raining Day

10. Right Tool for the Job

11. At The Movies

12. Big Trees Big Mess

13. Safety First

14. By Golley, It's a Trolley

15. Out of Scale

16. Rails of Fortune

17. Lights, Camera, Caboose!


18. Let's Look it Up

19. The Biggest Farm in Tinyland

20. Earth to Bob, It's National Train Day!

21. Train to the Sky

22. Choo Choo Bob's Train Extravaganza

23. Train Coming

24. Shrinkstacks Crazifest

25. What Do You See?

26. The Barber of Bobville

27. Choo Choo Charlie

28. Choo Choo Bob's Halloween SPOOK-tacular!

29. Riders of the Lost Train

30. Basic Cable Cars

31. I Voted

32. Choo Choo Bob Tonight

33. Always Classic

34. Secret Handshake

35. Business is Good