Auction Adventure



(12 x 20)


1. Baseball Auction

From the bat which Babe Ruth's hit his first home-run bat in Yankee stadium, to Pee Wee Reese's 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers NL Championship ring, Sotheby's and SportsCards put on a memorable baseball auction.

2. The Man in Black

Sotheby's auction house makes rock-n-roll history and puts the estate of Johnny and June Carter Cash on the auction block. Get a private tour of the exhibit with Sotheby's Lee Dunbar.

3. Wonderful Watches

An international journey, as Christ's auction house prepares for one of their famous Watches auctions. We are in Switzerland where we are in search for rare and special timepieces to put up for auction.

4. The Titanic

The legendary ocean liner Titanic steams into port as Guernsey's puts on a sale of itmes from Titanic an other legendary liners. One avid collector spots memorabilia that he's searched 30 years for. Will he win the item at auction?

5. House Sale

Head to Christie's auction house in New York for their House sale. From dining room tables and antique china, to Japanese store signs and beautiful paintings, this auction has hundreds of different pieces to choose from.

6. Hepburn Auction

Sotheby's takes Auction Adventure on a personal tour through the items up for sale at the Katharine Hepburn auction. Michael gets a crash course in the ins and outs of participating in an auction and finds out how quickly and how high stakes raise!

7. High Fashion

It's all about fashion at Doyle New York - the auction house known for their incredible Couture sales. Take a trip through fashion history with a few remarkable pieces of clothing and costume jewelry up for auction.

8. Clapton Guitars

Another rock-n-roll adventure, this time as Christie's auction house hosts a sale of Eric Clatpon's favorite guitars to benefit the rehabilitation center he founded. Later, a private concert, plus, auction history is made!

9. Online Auction

Log on to the web for a journey into the World of online auctions. Learn about eBay's approach to online buying and selling and get insider tips on how to be successful.

10. Exotic Cars

Auction Adventure travels to sunny and star-studded LA for Barret-Jackson's annual Los Angeles Classic Car Auction, held at the famed Petersen auto museum.

11. Classic Motorcycles

We are revved up for Bonhams and Butterfields auction of classic motorcycles at the famed Petersen Automotive Museum in LA. Watch as the high-octane auction takes our host on a bidding adventure as Bonhams and Butterfields make motorcycle auction history.

12. Toy Trains

Get a rail side view as Noel Barrett Vintage Toys puts famed-Disney animator Ward Kimball's incredible toy train collection up for auction. We capture the excitement as hundreds of bidders flood the auction hall and log on in cyberspace for these toys!