100 Years of British Trains, Buses, Ships & Trams


(4 x 56-58m)

1. 100 Years of British Trains

A fascinating compilation tracing the development of British trains throughout the 20th century. This program provides a record of the greatest days of steam; the magnificent express engines developed by the "Big Four" - the GWR, SR, LNER, and LMS; many famous named trains like the Golden Arrow and the Brighton Belle, the War and Nationalism; and the amazing variety of elder locos from the 1950's.

2. 100 Years of British Buses

This fascinating program celebrates over one hundred years of British Buses and Trolly Buses.

3. 100 Years of British Ships

Using film dating as early as 1901 this program traces the history of British shipping through the 20th century. It is a total unique compilation featuring so many wonderful liners, warships, freighters, tugs, fishing boats, barges, pilot vessels, ferry boats, chain ferries, pleasure steamers and cross-channel boats - also the men who worked in the docks, on the quays, and onboard the ships.

4. 100 Years of British Trams

This program recaptures the days when trains dominated our towns and cities. Relive the hustle and bustle of the horse age, the excitement surrounding the new electric trams, and the smoke and grime of the last steam trams. See scores of different types of tram in action-packed sequences - open-toppers, modern streamliners, toastracks (both single and double-deckers), illuminated trams, and more!