WWII War Diaries


(7 x 56)


1. 1939

In this first film of the series, "1939", follow the prelude to war and consider how the Treaty of Versailles, drawn up after the First World War, failed to keep the peace. Watch the rise of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany and learn of those who attempted to stop his bid for global domination. See for yourself the preparations made by the people of Britain as war became inevitable.

2. 1940

In "1940," we follow Hitler's trail of occupation into Denmark and Norway, the invasion of Belgium & France & the Miracle Of Dunkirk where Churchill initiated Operation Dynamo to rescue the thousands of BEF that were stranded & helpless on the beaches under relentless Nazi attack. See how Hitler's Blitzkrieg ripped through France and how the British survive The Blitz & win the Battle Of Britain.

3. 1941

In this third film of the series, "1941", see how Adolf Hitler increased the Nazi stranglehold on Europe, while Winston Churchill inspired the people of Britain to stand together as the nightly Luftwaffe bombing raids were extended to include the nation's vital ports, as well as the capital, London.

4. 1942

In this fourth film of the series, "1942", watch the arrival of the American GIs in Britain, bringing a new spirit of hope, while Hitler continued his relentless bombing inspired leadership of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, Hitler's "Desert Fox" force the Allies into retreat, until British General Bernard Montgomery, affectionately knows to his men as "Monty", took up the challenge.

5. 1943

In this fifth film of the series, "1943", watch the cracks start to appear in Hitler's plans for world domination. Beginning with the total destruction of the German 6th Army by the Russians, and defeat at the Battle of Stalingrad, the Nazis then let North Africa slip away form them at the Battle of El Alamein.

6. 1944

In this penultimate film of the series, "1944", the time had come for the beginning of the end of World War II. Chart the progress of the Allies regained ground throughout Italy, while the Russians pushed ever westwards towards Poland, forcing the Nazi occupiers to head for home. The Americans were also making good progress in the Pacific with strong counter offensives, steadily recovering ground.

7. 1945

In this final film of the series, "1945", the end of the war is now truly in sight. Yet there were still hurdles to overcome, and with the completion of the Battle of the Bulge still to test the Allies, the race for Berlin was on. Discover what happened in Hitler's final hours and enjoy the VE Day celebrations with Winston Churchill and the people of Britain as the dream of victory became reality.