WWII: The Road To Victory


John Eisenhower hosts this moving 50th anniversary documentary series detailing the events of the second World War. Much of this footage was shot under fire by combat photographers from all parts of the World. You will see it as an epic documentary, edited in a magazine format. It is an overall chronological view of WW2, covering all major events and many minor ones in all theaters of operation. (16 x 37-57)


1. Rattling the Saber

2. Invasion and Breakout

3. Hot Pursuit

4. We Strike Back

5. Hitting Them Harder

6. D-Day

7. Battle of the Bulge

8. Unconditional Surrender


9. Theater Commanders

10. Field Commanders

11. Pentagon Commanders

12. 8th Air Force Commanders

13. Battle on Two Continents

14. Marine Commanders

15. Island Hopping

16. Victory At Last