The Complete History of Air Combat


Hosted by decorated Vietnam veteran and acclaimed author Nelson DeMille, this series provides in-depth behind-the-scenes insights into the strategies, decisions, battles and men in air combat. (24 x 41-60)


1. B-24's Liberator: View From the Cockpit

2. Fight for the Sky: Air War Over Germany

3. Pilots at War

4. Air Power & Armies: Strategic Warfare

5. America Unprepared: WWII Begins

6. The Tide Turns: Allies Strike Back

7. The Berlin Airlift & The Atomic Bomb

8. War of Korea: On to the Yalu

9. Attack Carrier: Naval Aviation

10. Birth of America: Air Power & WWII

11. Lull Before the Storm: Between the Wars

12. Strategic Air Power Comes of Age


13. Maximum Effort: Prelude to Invasion

14. Bombs Away: D-Day and Japan

15. Victory in the Skies: Japan and Germany Defeated

16. Meeting the Soviet Challenge

17. Vietnam and the Limits of Strategic Bombing

18. Air Power at Sea: U.S. Naval Battle Group

19. Technology Triumphant: Naval Aviation Today

20. From Bi-Planes to Helicopters

21. Desert Storm

22. Where Great Combat Leaders are Made

23. Choppers: Versatility in Action

24. Air Combat in the 21st Century