Million Dollar Auctions



This fast-paced, thrilling auction series features one of America's premiere auction companies "Morphy Auctions" located near Adamstown, the antique capital of America. Morhpy's is the market leader with record sales in the exclusive categories of dolls, coins, toys, advertising, art, pottery, real estate and more. (13 x 22-24)

season 1


1. Meet The Morphy's

2. Toys, Comics, and Marvels

3. Incredible Dolls

4. Fortune Telling Cats & Bar Room Extravaganza

5. Barbershop Auction

6. Antique Gun Auction


7. Antique Advertising

8. Antique Gun Auction Part 2

9. Robots, Comics, and Superheroes!

10. Road Trip to Texas

11. A Record Breaking Auction

12. Signs Toys and Advertising

13. The Mechanical Bank Collection - A Record Shattering Auction