Discover Science


Spectacular experiments to sharpen your sense of science! Making natural phenomena visible to reveal the rules governning them. Today you'll witness a grand experiement and discover science! (22 x 14)


1. Mighty Glass

2. Flying Whale

3. A 'Salty' Wedding

4. The Secret of Aerial Ballet

5. The Ball Comes Back?

6. The Mighty Strong Book

7. The Rescue. The Leverage Plan

8. The Apple Doesn't Wanna Move?

9. Let's Play Long Billiards

10. Swing by 100km/h

11. Sound is Mighty?


12. Let's See The Speed of Sound

13. Come Together

14. Let's Solar Cooking

15. Human Power Generation

16. Lemon Car

17. Drawing With Static Electricity

18. Magnetic Ninja

19. Ice on Fire

20. Water Blade

21. The big chase - 7 hours of the gigantic shadow

22. How Heavy is an Elephant